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I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?"

I am the wind blowing through your hair


“She's the only one who makes any sense around this insane asylum!”

Name: Sally
Created by: Doctor Finklestein
Age: Unknown
Fandom: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Time Period: Post Film End
Wing Color: Dark Blue
Skills: Sewing & Potion Mixing.
History: Sally is a resident of Halloween Town and was created by Doctor Finklestein. As her appearance implies she is a rag-doll, made from various materials sewn together and stuffed with crisp autumn leaves. What else Doctor Finklestein did to make Sally able to walk, talk, and what not, is sadly, never mentioned in the movie. Sally is able to detach her limbs at will, merely loosening her stitching that keeps her together and can just as easily fix herself up, often with a needle and thread she carries around. Because of this, Sally is naturally adept at needle work. (Note: Sally cannot feel pain this way, since she is technically not alive.)

…Now that we know what Sally is, onto her role xD;;;

Sally is the heroine of this film, most noticed by her admiration for Jack Skellington after he makes his grand entrance in the beginning. However, after running away from the Doctor and stumbling into the Graveyard for escape she finds Jack there and he’s not as happy with his life as everyone seems to think. He sings a song about the weariness of life he feels and Sally, Sally knows the feeling all too well about wondering if there is something more to life. When she sees they have this connection her feelings for him intensify and later on we see her fondness for him has grown from friendship to love. Before she knows it however, Jack disappears and while he is in Christmas Town, she joins the townspeople in wondering just what had happened to Jack.

When Jack makes his return and calls a town meeting Sally ends up poisoning Doctor Finklestein (again, it seems to be the only way to for her to sneak out xD;) so she may attend and not be left inside his home wondering just what was going on. At the meeting Jack introduces Christmas to Halloween Town, excited and ready to bring the newly discovered holiday to everyone he knows. Sally is actually quite intrigued by some of the objects that project Christmas’ seasonal merriment but part of her feels that something is off about the whole thing. She keeps these feelings with her and when she returns home the Doctor is awake again and locks her in her room. Sally escapes yet again, except she takes a basket filled with various gifts for Jack she with her before throwing herself from the window. The fall doesn’t cause Sally any pain, perhaps some time because she has to sew herself back up.

She leaves the basket at Jack’s and quickly runs off, not letting him know that she was responsible. Shortly before the next town meeting Sally has a horrible vision of a Christmas tree lighting on fire and it fills her with dread. Once she sees Jack she tries to warn him and convince him that any plans he has for Christmas must be stopped. Much to her dismay she cannot get through to Jack, he is too excited and even manages to convince her to sew the Santa suit he wants to wear. Sally finds herself almost at a loss for what to do, because she cares for Jack and knows he is depending on her and her sewing skills. She goes along with it but once everything goes to hell (i.e. Jack being reported that he was never coming back and Oogie Boogie kidnapping Santa Claus to torture and kill him >>;;;) Sally springs into action and goes off to at least save Santa Claus.

…Unfortunately for Sally, Oogie Boogie captures her as well and holds both her and Santa Claus hostage. Sally’s good intentions were indeed rewarded by fate because Jack comes back, very much in one piece, and defeats Oogie Boogie and saves her and Santa Claus. Sally is delighted to not only see Jack but see that he is also himself again, Jack the Pumpkin King.

It is at the very end of the film where we see that even non-wicked dreams can come true in Halloween Town when Jack realizes he has fallen in love with Sally and finds her atop a snow-covered hill (snow in HT courtesy of Santa Claus~). After they softly sing that they were simply meant to be, they embrace and enjoy a happy ending after all ♥

Personality: Compared to the other residents of Halloween Town Sally is not all that eccentric or loudly prideful about the scares and terrors Halloween produces. Her quieter personality stems from the fact that the Doctor kept her inside (and occasionally locked up) in his home for company and care-taking, keeping her away from the other townspeople and many of their get-to-gethers a majority of the time. Sally is somewhat introverted and often has a soft tone, she is also one of the beings who shows the most gentleness in Halloween Town.

Sally, like those who make up her world, has her own craftiness, enabling her to sneak out of her room and actually experience having a life. She uses her brewing skills to her advantage to poison the Doctor on three lovely occasions and with fair acting skills is able to get him to look past them all. Sally is able to be resentful of others but she also has room in her heart to be forgiving towards them, despite how annoying Finklestein can be, she shows her care by draping a blanket over him before she leaves in one of the movie’s scenes.

Sally seems to have a sense about things and early on is able to tell that Jack’s “Christmas” idea would end badly. She goes out of her way to warn Jack, and even when he brushes her worry off, Sally still ends up helping him prepare. Sally does what she can for those who she is fond of, as evidenced by leaving Jack a gift basket anonymously and later on tailoring his Santa suit. Sally is not fond of sitting around doing nothing, for the longest time she was seeking the something more that was missing from her life.


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