Sally (needlesnthread) wrote,

Eight Stiches


Now that that's finally over... Hm...

Hello, Luceti! You may have seen me, I've joined Shiki and Kanji over in All Passions and have had the pleasure of moving my workplace over there. While I still work in home, I'll be over there primarily from now on, so please don't be shy and drop by to see me for any commissions. I still sew complete outfits, mend old clothes, and make a variety of other cloth items.

T-Thank you!



Emily, I've been thinking. What do you think of growing pumpkins out back?

I realize it's been some time since we've got to talk, may I see you sometime soon? Or whenever you're free, really.


(Private // 68% Unhackable)

It's... It's getting, easier. Hahah... I hope it's the same for you where ever you may be.
Tags: 8, all passions, commissions, emily, kain, pumpkin patch?
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