Sally (needlesnthread) wrote,

Seven Stitches


[She sat against the back of her house quietly, legs folded underneath her. In her lap was dark suit. Cuffs tastefully ripped, pant legs and sleeves long, waist line thin, seams white against black fabric, it was a suit no normal man could wear.

In fact, it was a suit only one man could wear.

Taking her needle to the front, she sewed on the last button, a grimace in knowing that when she had started this project he was still here and it was meant to be a gift. But now she had no one to give it to. It wouldn't have been so bad, she reasoned earlier, if all they had done was return him to Halloweentown.

But this last week they had done the most horrible thing they could do to her, they played with her heart. And instilled a fake love in her with a man she had never known before.

She hated them.]

[ooc: Sad post is sad mostly because I never got around to her to responding when Jack officially was dropped and then the event happened. The thread with Kain is still in the works but regardless of the outcome, she would have felt pretty much the same :<]
Tags: event, jack, malnosso = hate, sad times
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