Sally (needlesnthread) wrote,

Four Stitches


[Sally stumbled down the pathway, leaning on the side of a building as she breathed heavily. Her wings were more skeletal now, a light trail of blue feathers mixed with leaves behind her.

Sally's lips formed a thin line before sucking in another breath and pushing off against the wall, returning to her unsteady pace.

She didn't go very far though.]


[She fell to the ground eight steps later.]

[ooc: Oh Sally D: Like the little trooper she is she went out to go find Jack, but then she heard the noise and started molting. Sally already walks around with a stumble, so losing all of this energy is making it difficult for her to get anywhere at all. God knows how many times she sewed herself back up today.]
Tags: 4, can't move right, event, the end
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