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Apr. 27th, 2009

Sally // Curious

Eight Stiches


Now that that's finally over... Hm...

Hello, Luceti! You may have seen me, I've joined Shiki and Kanji over in All Passions and have had the pleasure of moving my workplace over there. While I still work in home, I'll be over there primarily from now on, so please don't be shy and drop by to see me for any commissions. I still sew complete outfits, mend old clothes, and make a variety of other cloth items.

T-Thank you!



Emily, I've been thinking. What do you think of growing pumpkins out back?

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Feb. 21st, 2009

Sally // And a little stitch here...

Seven Stitches


[She sat against the back of her house quietly, legs folded underneath her. In her lap was dark suit. Cuffs tastefully ripped, pant legs and sleeves long, waist line thin, seams white against black fabric, it was a suit no normal man could wear.

In fact, it was a suit only one man could wear.

Taking her needle to the front, she sewed on the last button, a grimace in knowing that when she had started this project he was still here and it was meant to be a gift. But now she had no one to give it to. It wouldn't have been so bad, she reasoned earlier, if all they had done was return him to Halloweentown.

But this last week they had done the most horrible thing they could do to her, they played with her heart. And instilled a fake love in her with a man she had never known before.

She hated them.]

[ooc: Sad post is sad mostly because I never got around to her to responding when Jack officially was dropped and then the event happened. The thread with Kain is still in the works but regardless of the outcome, she would have felt pretty much the same :<]

Dec. 4th, 2008

Sally // Why you make me sad? D:

Six Stitches

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If you have a moment, I'd like to see you.

[ooc: She's aware of her awkward timing but his coat isn't sitting on her hands forever >_>;]

Sep. 27th, 2008

Sally // Curious

Five Stitches


...is it on?



Hello, to those who have seen me in Luceti and to those who may have not, my name is Sally. I've been in Luceti for almost four months now and after seeing what is has to offer... I decided I'd try to contribute to the community as well.

I have quite a bit of experience with needlework and... if you'd like, I'll mend whatever clothes brought to me. And, if you could mind the wait, I can make outfits as well. I have plenty of materials and all I would need is a picture or description for reference.

So if anyone is interested, please feel free to visit me in House 38.

...There we go.

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Sep. 10th, 2008

Sally // And a little stitch here...

Four Stitches


[Sally stumbled down the pathway, leaning on the side of a building as she breathed heavily. Her wings were more skeletal now, a light trail of blue feathers mixed with leaves behind her.

Sally's lips formed a thin line before sucking in another breath and pushing off against the wall, returning to her unsteady pace.

She didn't go very far though.]


[She fell to the ground eight steps later.]

[ooc: Oh Sally D: Like the little trooper she is she went out to go find Jack, but then she heard the noise and started molting. Sally already walks around with a stumble, so losing all of this energy is making it difficult for her to get anywhere at all. God knows how many times she sewed herself back up today.]

Sep. 1st, 2008

Sally // Pout

Three Stitches

Such an ominous sky... It doesn't feel right at all...

Everyones powers have returned? If that's the case, I can only hope they keep themselves in check...

Jack, you haven't come home in awhile.

Please, be careful with who you meet with.

[ooc: Jaaack, Sally's worried D: Don't make her go out looking for you.]

Aug. 1st, 2008

Sally // I suppose...

Two Stitches

I'm surprised, this is such a long lasting experiment. From the reactions I've seen I guess I shouldn't be but hm... These experiments are so different from the Doctor's. Usually his aim was a product of some kind... It's been a month since I've been here, I wonder... if his new creation is taking care of him. Oh well...

Reliving your childhood, that must feel strange. But at least it's not permanent...?

[ooc: Sally was never a child so she can't imagine how a lot of Luceti feels right now. And strikes are viewable, she had tried erasing it but decided to leave it there, it's faint but still there.]

Jul. 1st, 2008

Sally // What about this?

One Stitch

[Voice Recording Clicks On]

...Come now, you couldn't have gotten far.


Not here...


Not here either...


All of this color... So very strange...

[Voice Recording Clicks Off]

[ooc: Sally is in the forest somewhere, sadly she didn't arrive in one piece.^^; Her right leg ended up detaching itself from her body and she's half-crawling around the ground looking for it. She hasn't realized she doesn't have her needle and thread on her so even if she manages to find it, she won't be very happy about that.^^; She hasn't seen the journal yet, it's hiding under a bush from her.]